Red and Blue Politics seeks to add context to leading news stories of the day. Rather than re-report stories, Red and Blue Politics focuses on aspects of leading news stories with lasting impacts toward the future. Red and Blue Politics takes a different look at issues through aggregating a combination of original analysis, views from top experts, and voices from several political leanings to bring as close to a balanced approach as possible. Red and Blue Politics serves to be a supplement to traditional news reports.

Red and Blue Politics was created by Mark Pomerleau in 2012. Mark, originally from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, graduated from Westfield State University in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science. Mark has previously gained experience at both the federal and state government level with professional research experience in civilian and military unmanned aircraft, intelligence surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), U.S. foreign policy, among other topics, and legal work with federal agencies.  Mark is a contributor for The Hill newspaper's "Contributor's" blog, a platform that hosts hundreds of policy experts from a range of political viewpoints and areas of expertise. Additionally, aside from Mark's work focusing on U.S. and foreign politics and policy, his work regarding government and U.S. military technology can be found at GCN.com and DefenseSystems.com.

Formally, Mark was contributing blogger for The Epoch Times website where he had his own blog titled "The Deal With Politics." Often times, articles were cross posted between Red and Blue Politics and The Deal With Politics blogs.  Additionally, Mark's work has been published on The Atlantic.  

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